Our Curriculum

Holy Trinity Lutheran Preschool provides a well-rounded Christian early education. The goal of the program is to prepare the child for further education and for eternity! Each child’s unique learning style will be considered as specific standards are addressed. Our curriculum provides learning activities and educational support in these areas of development: social, emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual. Each day there are new activities and lessons that will spark your child’s imagination, curiosity, and love for learning! Our structured environment provides opportunities to learn in these areas:

  • Bible Stories – 48 Old and New Testament Stories throughout the year
  • Letter Readiness – Letter recognition, phonetic sounds, and early writing
  • Number Readiness – Counting, number games, patterns, & problem solving
  • Language Readiness – Vocabulary enrichment, listening activities, speaking & singing
  • Reading Readiness – Daily stories teach comprehension, listening, & sequence skills
  • Physical Education – Large muscle movement skills, group games, outdoor activities
  • Social Studies – Families, Communities, USA, citizenship, & responsibility
  • Art – Exploration of art media, drawing, coloring, cutting, & creativity
  • Music – Singing and moving to music, rhythm, exploring instruments
  • Science – Experiments, collecting data, gardening, discovering God’s creation


In addition to the specific program taught at Holy Trinity, we feel strongly about the manner in which early childhood learning is delivered. A portion of each day allows children to make choices regarding the activities in which they engage. This free choice time allows students to develop social and emotional skills needed as they grow and learn. We also feel strongly about providing real-life experiences and seek to offer as many field trips and visits from people in our community as possible. Here are some of our recent past experiences:

Field Trips:
Post Family Farm
Gymnastics Club
Christmas Tree Farm
Grand Rapids Symphony
Animal Hospital
Marshall Music
Frederick Meijer Gardens
Dairy Discovery

Visits From:
Wyoming Fire Department
Wyoming Police Department
Dental Hygienist
Lollipop Concert
Mom’s Night and Dad’s Night
Medical Doctor

About Our K-8 School

Holy Trinity Lutheran School is a loving and caring place where the whole child – mind, body, and soul – is developed. Our school has a family atmosphere in which Christian values are taught and reinforced. Our school provides a quality education, with high standards and high achievement...

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About Our Church

Our congregation and church body are solidly based on the Bible. We believe that Jesus is our only Savior and way to heaven. Through faith we are united to him and to each other. Our worship services focus on readings from God's Word--the bible. There we hear God talk to us.

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